Marijuana Can Help Us Spiritually Mature

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Marijuana and other plant medicines help us spiritually grow and mature. In a culture that by and large lacks structured ways for us to experience spirituality, marijuana can help us see beyond the veil of the physical plane and enter into altered states of consciousness.

Marijuana is often seen as evil or harmful, when really, it is a powerful plant medicine and tool that can be used for spiritual growth and evolution.

Using marijuana we can access realms of the subconscious mind that we don’t normally have access to, allowing us to experience an altered state of consciousness or existence.

We don’t teach children about spiritual concepts on a regulated basis (in school, for example) so there is a lot of confusion as they enter into their teens. Many of us don’t partake in typical rites of passage that human beings were designed to as they age, so many teenagers will turn to drugs like marijuana or others as a way to connect with something greater than themselves, whether or not they are aware of what they are doing.

Though they are greatly stigmatized, these drugs are actually vital to our spiritual healing, growth, and awakening as a collective. They allow us to enter into spiritual adulthood with more maturity and understanding of concepts greater than ourselves. Certainly other spiritual practices can be adopted, either in addition to, accompanied by, or separately from, using plant medicine. But I am writing this article essentially to alleviate the stigma created by use of plant medicine in this society. We should not think of it as a bad thing, or make our teens feel guilty about using it.

It is actually presumed that we evolved as a species using plant medicine, and it is evident by the existence of our own endocannabinoid system, which exists in the body regardless of whether or not a person uses cannabis, and becomes activated when a person consumes cannabis.

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